Working Together for Coordinated Care

Ensuring coordinated care is what distinguishes the SDCMSF programs from others. We offer our patients more than a referral for an office visit. We make sure they receive the related images or lab work or medications they need to complete their care. We work with a range of professional healthcare services to complete our mission, and assure linkage back to the patient’s primary care provider for medical management.

Whether in a doctor’s office, out in a neighborhood clinic, in an operating room or the halls of government, our programs open doors that lead to improved health. Our success is achieved through volunteer service among medical professionals, so an ability to pay is never an obstacle. We invite you to learn more and encourage you to support the Foundation financially or by volunteering your time or resources.

Primary Care Providers

We partner with primary care providers at community clinics throughout the community who need access to specialty medical care for their uninsured adult patients. If you are an uninsured adult seeking specialty medical care, call your neighborhood community clinic to make an appointment. More information for primary care providers wishing to refer and enroll their patients into PASD can be found on the Primary Care Providers page.

Specialist Physicians

By donating specialty consultations or surgical procedures, medical professionals can make a difference in the lives of individuals in their own community who are otherwise unable to access specialty care. Consider donating your time and expertise through PASD so that you can help those in need!

More than 610 specialty care physicians volunteer with Project Access San Diego. PASD makes volunteerism both easy and efficient, providing care management to assure that patients are fully prepared for a specialty care visit, saving practice staff time and resources. For more information, visit Volunteer Physicians.

Hospitals and Outpatient Surgery Centers

When a patient’s medical needs call for surgical procedures not able to be handled in the specialist’s office, our partners throughout the community provide pro bono surgical support. We are most grateful for these relationships. For more information visit Hospitals and Outpatient Surgery Centers.

Ancillary Healthcare Partners

Patient care is dependent on imaging, lab work, physical therapy, post-surgical care, durable medical equipment, and many other ancillary services. Our partners assure comprehensive care by providing pro bono services. Please see more information here.